DIY Corner Shelf

I know for me, Saturdays are always a great day to do some projects. Today I made a cute little corner shelf that cost me about $5.00 to make. It is the perfect little shelf to fill an awkward corner, and can serve a lot of purposes. I was originally making this for my bathroom to store my makeup in but realized because of the lip on my shiplap wall it wasn’t gonna work, so I put it in a little corner in our entryway from the garage!

So the first thing I did was find some scrap wood I had and cut it so that I had 2 pieces that were the same length. If you don’t have any wood laying around you can get a piece from Lowes or Home Depot for pretty cheap. You may just want to stain it or paint it.


I got these super cute little baskets at the Dollar tree to make my shelves.


After that I took my nail gun and I nailed the pieces together. I didn’t used to have fancy tools so I don’t expect everyone else to have them either. If you don’t have access to a nail gun you can use a good ol’fashioned hammer and nails or even screws and a drill.


Make sure you put in enough nails or screws to really support it. Once thats done it should look like this.


Next its assembling the baskets. I have an air stapler but a regular handheld would work just fine. Make sure you have long enough staples. I used 9/16 inch heavy duty staples. Just space out your baskets and staple them to the wood. I put 4 staples in each basket.

FullSizeRender 3

This is what mine looked like when I was done.


After I put hangers on the back it was time to hang it up. I found that it was super easy to hang by marking my places for my nails on a piece of paper and nailing the paper to the wall. It takes away all the guesswork.


After that I just ripped down the paper and hung my shelf. This whole process took me about 30 minutes from start to finish and I ended up with a cute little shelf. Decorate it with whatever matches your style and enjoy! Let me know in the comments if you try this and how it turns out!