DIY salvaged window cabinet


Today I wanted to share a super sweet window cabinet I made with you! This is a pretty easy project for anyone, and a great project for beginner DIYer’s.

Design and decorating has become a big passion of mine in the last few years and I wanted to have something that set me apart from other people in the industry. I really focus heavily on “design on a dime” but also on using salvaged and repurposed Items. This is good for saving money but also allows me to be more creative when looking at an item.

I got this window from my mom, she picked it up at yard sale for a few bucks. The nice thing is old windows are pretty popular and easy to get your hands on.


I thought it would make a super cute cabinet door. I am a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to lumber so I actually took it a step further and made my box frame out of some old bed rails and a 1×6 I had leftover from a different project. You can use all 1×6 boards though. Just measure your window to figure out what the perimeter of your box needs to be.


Once I cut my boards down to the right size (my window was 28×28) I started to assemble them into my box. I used a combination of glue and my brad nailer. Ordinary nails would also work fine. My brad nailer is my absolute favorite tool! If you plan to make more than a couple of projects I highly recommend buying one!

And it was really that simple to make my box. Now I didn’t add a board to the back because I am going to be putting it on a white wall but you could always cut down a piece of beadboard and assemble it to the back.


I picked up some super cute hardware at hobby lobby for 50% off that perfectly matched the style I was going for. I put my handle on and then the hinges on the side of the window and attached it to the ledge of my box. I also save all screws and hardware from previous projects so I often will have mismatched screws 🙂


Once my box was assembled I decided it really needed a shelf!


If you like it without a shelf that’s fine too. I took 2 small pieces of scrap and screwed them to the side for a shelf rest. I also used the leftover scrap of 1×6 I had and measured the shelf length and cut it down.


After that I was done and ready to paint and decorate! It truly was super simple and came out so cute! The whole project only cost me a few bucks in hardware.


Let me know if you give this project a try! Enjoy!

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