It’s Totally Okay To Change Your Mind.

How many of you have felt obligated to do something because at one point in time 5 years, weeks or even days ago it felt like the right thing for you? I’m talking about loving or disliking someone, a career path, and even ways you wanted to raise your kiddos and pretty much anything and everything in-between.

I, too have felt this obligation to stick to my word because I made it a huge (in some cases annoying) point to those around me. However, the reality is we change and grow up… we all know that, but what we don’t all know or pay attention is what actually jives with us. What decisions drive us to be our true and best selves. I woke up this morning really thinking about this topic on a personal level and I wanted to share a little about that with you all. So, last night I was relaxing and scrolling through Facebook when a friend had said something about her Meyers-Briggs personality test results and it got me thinking about who I am. I have taken this test several times, done research while getting my degree on it, and never once did I score what I did last night.

So, what does this have to do with changing your mind? Everything. I sat there and tried to justify why that score was wrong, even though I had taken it three different times on different sites. I read the one I scored aloud and that was it.  It jived and it made me feel ALIVE. Again, it all got me thinking… what else have been trying to do that just no longer fits who I am, what other values or people have I been hanging on to that no longer serve me, and what in the world do I do when people start saying, “but didn’t you want…” and “didn’t you work so hard for…” and even “but weren’t you happier with him?”

And to all of that all I have to say is… I have changed my mind. I have decided that those ideas, values, people, and things are not what work for me to be my best and truest self. 

I think as we grow up and begin to realize what we value it leads us to connect to who God meant us to be. I absolutely love to host, chat up people, make new friends, add value to peoples day but I know that isn’t everyone. Go and take a look at the Meyers-Briggs for yourself and you might be surprised too. Keep in mind you may be one person at work and one person at home, it’s not say you have split personalities, just that different environments bring out different strengths.

So, what am I? I’m the Entertainer… ESFP. I also scored as a ENFJ, the more senstive side of me that encourages people to realize their potential but yet is still a tad organized. That organized side me has been pretty non-existent since I joined the ranks of being an entrepreneur… I think I enjoy the freedom too much to worry about color coded notes anymore.

So yes, go check it out and find out what you are, maybe it will surprise you like it did me.

I challenge you to change your mind if what you’re doing, thinking, or feeling just isn’t working any more. Even if it has only been 5 days, if it doesn’t feel good at your core that means God didn’t create you for that purpose. At least that’s my thought on it.


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